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About Us

Outsourcing any process to iBlazing is a fabulous option for upping your productivity.

What makes us different from many other service providers is that each member of our team is first a top-notch expert in his specific field, and then a manager.

It means, when it comes to your processes, you meet a flatter organization with quicker response time, where the head of each process vertical actually knows what you are talking about, and capable of offering solutions without calling upon anybody else.

When you hire iBlazing, you are not hiring middlemen, but a high-powered group of industry experts who put a premium on quality, business confidentiality, and time.

Our team and nodal persons include:

  • Nirav Joshi – Director, Technology

    Nirav has over 10 years of experience in Information Technology industry. He is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. Nirav's responsibilities include setting short-term/long-term goals, working with senior team to help define business and marketing strategies and the execution and monitoring of such strategies.

    Nirav has the experience of working on large databases. An avid VB and open source enthusiast, Nirav provides iBlazing the research support in terms of providing new insights into technology breakthroughs and technology direction. He possesses strong leadership skills exemplified through his experience in International Business and Offshore IT Services.

    His hobbies include cricket, music, reading and gardening.

Each of our team members has a track record of heading process verticals in different companies for more than two decades. However, in one capacity or another, the major part of our work and work-experience has been internet and web development oriented. And we are keen to share that knowledge with our clients.

We regularly turn challenges into opportunities, and from iBlazing, we offer the same power to you.

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Happy Clients

I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)