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If you are keen to learn and grow along with real experts and become an expert yourself in the fields we work in, then iBlazing offers opportunities of career growth you’d rarely find anywhere else.

The only things we consider in candidates are whether he or she is able and willing to try, learn, internalize, and apply new processes and techniques that remain at the forefront of technological development.

Your degrees and formal education do matter to us, but truly speaking – your past titles don’t. And sometimes, if you are good enough in what you do and possess the necessary aptitude then we are willing to bypass lack of degrees or formal education.

What matter to us are your practical intelligence, efforts and performance at the desk, because what we do, and what we engage in regularly, are not really taught at formal educational institutions.

We deal with technologies that are still forming, being experimented upon, and in continuous development – many techniques and processes we use are not found in books or tutorials. You learn them hands on when working with us.

So, if you are interested in developing yourself in the following fields, you are welcome to just email us at careers@iblazing.net with a cover letter and a CV, telling us how you can help us and also help yourself by joining iBlazing.

Fields of primary interest:

Web development, mobile application development, animation and special effects, social media, online marketing, SEO/SEM, leveraging cloud based platforms, and conducting branding strategy exercises using the internet.

Technologies and platforms that we use regularly:

While we welcome people from any technology background that has to do with the fields of work mentioned above, our regular work at present requires understanding of any one or more of the following technologies and platforms:

  • Core PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, Magento, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, CakePHP, YII, Zend, Codeigniter
  • iOS, Java, Blackberry, Windows, Android
  • ASP.net, Sharepoint, Dotnet Nuke, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Flash, WebGL, Animation and Special Effects

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I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)