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Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Social media marketing and optimization have become extremely important to internet marketers, because they maximize online visibility, branding, and placing of company offers.

Beyond traditional marketing methods taken online, social media also becomes an extension of customer service operations. And if that was not enough, now you have to take into account the extra angles of your content on social media, because there have been instances in both U.S. and U.K. in 2013, when legal notices from courts were served through social media

If you are in business and trying to grow, you cannot afford to ignore social media and that’s why you need people like us.

At iBlazing, we thoroughly know the ins and outs of all major social media platforms, their trends, their advantages and their pitfalls.

And we are concerned about leveraging social media platforms like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to the maximum benefit of our clients

However social media takes a lot of hard work to realize business objectives and we help clients with processes including but not limited to:

  • Creating platform-specific social media strategies for brand visibility and reinforcement
  • Conducting social media campaigns by initiating proper social media profiles, pages, and posts
  • Designing social media pages
  • Creating and conducting social media advertising campaigns
  • Leveraging social media presence for back links to client websites

In social media optimization and marketing, today it is more important to be in safe hands than to be in the hands of whoever promises to do things cheaper.

Social media optimization can’t be done without fully understanding the target audience and the points of highest social density, and then again the trends running at those points. Anything less can lead to catastrophes.

So, yes, we may not be able to give you the cheapest offers in social media marketing, but we would definitely give you packages with high cost benefits, which take into account all your security concerns.

We know that as business owners our clients are not interested in taking classes on social media, unless they have a personal interest, and for us, we know that most people from marketing departments who hire us are already knowledgeable about the basic principles, which remain same through all forms of marketing.

But of course, anytime you want, we are there for consulting.

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I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)