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When talking of website designing and development, we're not going to burden you with mention of things like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, responsive web designing, cross-platform applications, cross browser compatibility, or other things that are really our responsibilities and not yours. We would rather talk about how and where we actually help you attain your business objectives.

The first thing we focus on in website designing and development is to make sure we work with clients who work with us. Web development is no open and shut case - it's ongoing, flexible, and ensures ROI. We can't do web development without you maintaining open channels of communication.

Why? Because there are many things like accessibility regulations and standards in your country or state that you may not be aware of, and ordinary web developers would never consider. But they matter.

When designing websites, we not only have to think of your market and target audiences, but we also need to think about applicable standards, laws and regulations that can affect your website.

Search engine optimization and maintaining search engine standards are only a major part of website development. There’s much to do beyond SEO optimization when designing websites.

In website development we put a premium on quality and time. We have awesome interface designers and do thorough testing for maintaining web standards and broad browser compatibility. We use professional tools and time-saving technology to come up with cost-effective solutions carrying a blend of stock work and custom-made work.

We also focus on building websites which are easy for clients to maintain by themselves, if they need to.

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I found iBlazing to be a very efficient, cooperative and skilful company to deal with. They provide good communication and results.
Alexander Gunn, Director,
Australia (IT Solutions Company)